Healing Through Art

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Episode #57

I love how small the world really is. Proof that we’re all connected. Angela Craven and I connected through social media and just happened to live a few miles apart. Angela’s story touched me and I love how she’s helping others heal their grief through her art.

Angela is an abstract painter located in Denver, CO. She paints to express reflection, strength and connection. Her art acts as a visual reminder for people to connect with their own strength and to celebrate the meaningful people and experiences in their lives.

Grief is universal, no matter the subject matter. We each process grief differently. When someone near to you is going through a tough time, be a sounding board. Just listen.

Let yourself grieve so you’re free to feel something else. – Nayyirah Waheed

This is a special podcast episode I’m honored to share; tune in by clicking here.

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Angela has also put together a guide for healing if you’re grieving. Please reference below.