Happiness: Defining What You Want

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Episode #59

Bethany Jennene joined me for this podcast. She has a unique story – a health issue lead her to create a non-toxic nail polish – something she loves to do. She is a busy attorney with an analytical brain, and also has tuned into her creative side to create a balance in her life.

Bethany shares how she’s created her happiness by defining what she wants in four main areas of her life: finances, health, spirituality, and personal life.

The key for Bethany is to spend time annually and quarterly or as needed, to evaluate her goals. What works for her is scheduling time in each of these four areas and creating a clear vision to attain her desired outcome.

She also shares the importance of meditation in her life. Along with her goal setting, she has prioritized setting aside time for herself and giving quality time to her friends and family. This is how she’s found her balance and happy place.

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