Go Big or Go Home

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Episode #141


Go Big or Go Home

Lorenzo Roybal joins me this week to share how he’s followed his calling and the necessity to go big or go home in all that you do. At just 19 years old, he did what most don’t – he dropped out of college and broke free of the social norm to follow something bigger.

Lorenzo comes from a very faith centered background and has learned to follow his calling, or intuition. And, by following his calling, he has become a very successful businessman that travels the world and has the opportunity to connect with thousands of people. 

Go All In

Something Lorenzo shared with me that I think is powerful is to go big, or go home. Life experiences aren’t about half-assing. Stop dipping your toes. Go all in on all that you do. If you have faith and certainty that no matter the direction you choose, you will always be supported, that will be your outcome. 

Your Faith Must Be Bigger Than Your Fear

There will be a lot of unknowns throughout your life. Despite the unknowns, the doubts, the worry, be willing to go for it. Whether that’s moving across the country to your dream city, starting a business, creating a bucket list or public speaking, your faith must be bigger than your fear. 

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Lorenzo shared the importance of having goals. An easy and fun way to set out goals is to create a vision board or at least know your end result. By knowing the what, you can reverse engineer the how.

Daily Discipline + Consistency = Results

With daily disciplines and consistency, results will come. Healthy habits are what create solid foundations to benefit from. If you aren’t already, implement some healthy daily disciplines to create momentum. Final note, create goals so big they demand that you bust outside of your comfort zone.


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