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Go After Your Dreams with Reed Silberman

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Episode #241


Go After Your Dreams with Reed Silberman

Reed Silberman, founder of Inkmonstr, joined me to share how he went from a wall street broker to a snowboard instructor and entrepreneur. In short, he shares how to go after your dreams, embrace fear and be you. I could so relate to Reed because I too, used to be stuck in a toxic environment until I took the leap to chase my dreams of not working for someone else.

Don’t let fear stop you

Most people don’t start their dreams or chase them because of fear – fear of the unknown, fear of failure or a common excuse of not having all of their ducks in a row. Here’s the thing, you may never have all of your ducks in a row – start anyway. Reed started printing stickers while living out of his van in his buddy’s driveway.

Fifteen years later, he’s expanded that sticker printing business into a national company with multiple employees. None of this would have been possible if Reed hadn’t listened to that internal nudge to take the leap – to leave his toxic environment of stress and anxiety and chase his inner calling. 

Start small

Reed’s been chasing his dreams ever since. His first was to be a professional snowboarder and his second was to be a business owner. He’s also been able to overcome a paralyzing fear of heights and is now fully immersed in skydiving – and loving every minute of it.

The takeaway from Reed’s stories, go after your dreams. Start small. In fact, start anywhere but just start! Reed shares that it doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough. Don’t miss this full interview!


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