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Give Up the Struggle to Get What You Want

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Episode #325


Give Up the Struggle to Get What You Want

Travis Johnson, a naval officer based in Oklahoma, joined me to share how to give up the struggle in life to get what you want. What does he mean? When you’re efforting – the hustle and grind mentality of trying to make something happen, you’re creating self imposed struggle. Instead, surrender your plan and be guided.

BTFA – Beliefs Thoughts Feelings Action

Your beliefs are created from repetitive thoughts. These beliefs create your feelings and emotions and ultimately lead to the action – or inaction that you take. If you’re currently struggling at work, in business, with your finances, health, relationships or any other area of life, trace it back to your thoughts. You get to choose what you accept, and what you reject.

Give up your agenda

Hint, all struggle is self imposed. If you want to change the trajectory of your life – you have to realize that maybe, just maybe you don’t know everything. As Travis shares, he gave up his agenda in business and what he was trying to push in order to be led. He’s created a podcasting course and all of the resources have been brought to him – because he let go of the need to control.

You get to choose

Ultimately, we all have access to a greater intelligence. We all have the ability and more importantly, the choice on how we want to live our life. Is is through struggle and action or is it through guidance and letting go? You get to decide! I hope you give up the struggle to get what you want – and even better than you expect!


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