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From Suicide to Success

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Episode #295


From Suicide to Success

Jeremiah Bruhn joined me for an intimate conversation and he shares how he went from attempted suicide to finding success. After years working in a corporate office setting to having a work from home role, Jeremiah fell into a deep, dark depression. A normally social and outgoing guy, he found himself staying home and not taking care of himself physically or mentally.

Second chance

Once COVID hit in early 2020, he was laid off, stopped working out and ultimately resorted to overdosing on sleeping pills. Luckily, it didn’t work. Jeremiah was granted a second chance and he’s picked himself up while finding a creative outlet that he loves and is now making a living as a freelance artist.

5 ways to turn your life around

He now spends his days working out, painting, journaling, mentoring at risk youth and volunteering his time in his community. Jeremiah shared a few key things that helped him turn his life around:

  1. Journaling and having affirmations
  2. Get out of your every day routine
  3. Interact with others
  4. Take care of yourself
  5. Find a creative outlet or try something new

Mindset shifts

In less than a year, Jeremiah has completely turned his life around. From his rock bottom moment to loving life, he’s had some major mindset shifts. He shared that having affirmations and a perspective of “I get to do this” has helped him immensely. Don’t miss this episode!

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