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From Panic to Profit

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Episode #271


From Panic to Profit

Brooke Lively shares her story of how she went from panic to profit, while overcoming a huge financial deficit in her business. The important lesson Brooke shares is to have a vision but not hold it too tightly. So many people get hung up in the HOW which prevents them from ever starting.

Embrace failure

After racking up debt and her company running a loss for 26 months, she knows a thing or two about embracing failure. Brooke shares that failure enables success. The key here is perspective and trusting your vision even if things don’t go as planned. Brooke is very data driven and helps businesses become profitable and thrive. This data driven background helped her get through the weeds knowing she would be a success.

Be open to possibilities

Whenever you have a goal in mind, know your ultimate destination while being open to possibilities. Many times, we get in our own way, thinking things must go according to plan. The thing is, your plan may not be the highest and best outcome you’re seeking. Brooke explained that when she shined light on her fears (proved success via data) it enables the fear to evaporate.

What if?

If you find yourself in the weeds, ask a new question. Ask yourself “What if?” As in, what if this works out? That question alone can help shine a light and keep you forward focused. It helps turn the impossible into possible – this is a shift you have to intentionally make if you want to get back on track.

Finally, Brooke shares that what you concentrate on multiplies. If she had stayed stuck in her current reality of loss, that’s where she would have ended up. Instead, she chose not to dwell on the past which allowed her to go from panic, to profit. The next time you find yourself in an uphill battle, make a conscious choice to have a mindset of abundance and possibility. And then, watch what unfolds!


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