From Getting Fired to Being Inspired

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Episode #131


From Getting Fired to Being Inspired

Jimmy Everetts joined me this week to share his story of getting fired to being inspired. Jimmy opens up about his past, how he used to be and the steps he took to change his persona.

A big key for Jimmy was becoming self aware. When you can step back, and look at the big picture how are you acting? What are you saying? How do you treat people and most importantly, yourself?

Two ends of the spectrum.

Jimmy shares how he was a two time high school drop out and then became an overachiever and held high expectations for himself and those around him. As a boss overseeing restaurant staff, he realized he had set unattainable and uncommunicated expectations from his employees. He believed he had become an asshole and didn’t blame those around him for not liking him.

Then, inevitably, he was fired. The best part, Jimmy found the silver lining. He realized life was happening for him and not to him and he chose to turn it around.

Recreating your persona.

Through his life experiences, he now knows that the only person that limits you is you. Self accountability and taking responsibility for your actions is the best space to come from.

Jimmy has now recreated himself in his daily vlogs. He shares stories in which he’s talking to himself hoping to connect with others and inspire all that you can overcome anything.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

The old adage is so true – treat others how you want to be treated. His final takeaway, it’s a good feeling to be a good person.

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Jimmy Everetts

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