From a Breakdown to a Breakthrough

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Episode #107

Claire Brown joins me to share her story of overcoming a breakdown to a breakthrough. Claire shares her personal story after experiencing a heartbreak from ending a relationship. From this experience, she first had a breakdown and then she experienced a transformative breakthrough.

We’ve all experienced rough times in our life. What we choose to do with that will help us grow or keep us in a victim mentality. The silver lining of her heartbreak is when she realized she had a need for more powerful women in her tribe. The key to having a strong mindset in anything is to know that life is happening FOR you, not TO you.

From her need of more powerful women, Claire has created a community of 6,000 + strong. At times, women can seem distant, jealous, insecure or just plain bitchy, but none of that is allowed under Claire! Her motto: complaining is a garbage magnet.

Growth for each of us occurs when we have the courage to get out of our comfort zone. Like anything, it takes practice. In Claire’s terms, comfort screams mediocrity, and you are not here to be average! If you want to push forward it’s time to be bold and let go of any limiting beliefs.

My favorite of all when up against a challenge or fear sets in, you have to ask yourself this, “What is the worst case scenario?” If you are honest with yourself, the worst case scenario in going after your dreams or pursuing new ventures isn’t so bad after all.

Finally, what you focus on expands. It’s time to get serious about what you are allowing in your life. It may even be time to eliminate persons, habits, distractions, and especially negative thoughts. Know this, you’re capable of so much more than you can imagine. 

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