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Freedom Framework – How to Thrive in Life

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Episode #273


Freedom Framework РHow to Thrive in Life 

Renee Bauer joined me to share her freedom framework – how to thrive in life. She teaches how you can predict, dictate and define your ideal outcomes. Whether you go through life surviving week in and week out or thriving, it’s up to you. You are the creator of your reality. First step, taking 100% responsibility.

Take inventory

To begin, take inventory of your self talk as well as the questions you are asking. When you begin with “How….” you are relying on an external source for an answer. Instead, ask questions like “What can I do to _______”. We are all equipped with an internal compass. When you ask for guidance it will be delivered.

Take responsibility

Additionally, getting hung up on the “how” makes you feel out of control. To take back your control and thrive through any situation, take responsibility. It begins with your internal chatter – your thoughts and beliefs. If you think “there’s no way” versus, “I’ll find a way” perspective becomes everything.

Be consistent

Finally, Renee emphasizes that becoming aware of your reality is the first step. Then, it’s all about tiny, daily and most importantly, consistent changes to move you in the direction you want to go. The good news, consciously creating your outcomes is on you. A tiny shift in beliefs and habits can make a world of difference. Learn the full freedom framework – how to thrive in life.


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