Four Minute Mile Rule

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Episode #278

Four Minute Mile Rule – Breaking Psychological Barriers

Learn how to implement the four minute mile rule – breaking psychological barriers. In 1954, Roger Bannister became the first man on record to break the four minute mile. Runners around the world had been attempting it since 1886 without success. Roger proved what was possible and just weeks after he did – multiple other runners did too.

Psychological barriers

What does this prove? We all have psychological barriers of what’s possible. Until we prove ourself wrong, we will always live in limitation. I’m here to tell you, it’s time to create new mental models. It’s time to find evidence of what’s possible – so you too can break your own psychological barriers.

Your mental barriers

Right now, think of one area of life where you’re holding yourself back. Perhaps it’s an income level, or with your health or what’s possible for you professionally or personally. Where have you created mental barriers of what’s possible?

Conscious choice

When you can take inventory of your thoughts and become aware of your limitations, you can then make a conscious choice to think differently. Instead, find evidence of what you want and how it’s already been accomplished. Use the four minute mile rule to break through your psychological barriers and transform your reality.

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Four Minute Mile Rule


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