Forgiveness: The Secret to Healthy Relationships

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Episode #197


Forgiveness: The Secret to Healthy Relationships

Kevin Crenshaw is back again, this time diving into forgiveness: the secret to healthy relationships. As the saying goes, forgiveness doesn’t right the other persons wrong, it simply sets you free. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself. Are you ready to make peace in your relationships?

Do you choose happy or being right?

When it comes to relationships a lot of the time, ego gets in the way. The question to ask yourself – do you want to be happy or do you want to be right? I used to want to be right and I’ve matured into wanting to be happy. Forgiveness wasn’t easy at first, especially forgiving myself.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Kevin shares the power in doing mirror work. This is when you literally stand in front of a mirror – just you and your reflection, look yourself in the eye and go on a rant for the reasons you’re proud of yourself. Although it may be awkward and out of your comfort zone at first, it’s a powerful exercise.

Break old patterns

Forgiveness: the secret to healthy relationships is about breaking old patterns. You have a choice – do you want to evolve or repeat past behaviors? If you’re reading this or follow me at all, it likely means you have a growth mindset. Since that’s probably the case, I know you want to evolve.

First step, forgive yourself! Then, forgive any and all past relationships so you can stop carrying that baggage with you. Kevin shares how after he did the personal work of becoming the person he needs to be to show up in a relationship he can attract an equally high vibing partner.

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