Failure is the Secret to Success

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Episode #199


Failure is the Secret to Success 

Michael LaRocco joins me for the last podcast interview of 2019! We dive into mindset and to know that failure is the secret to success. Michael’s past could have put him on a completely different trajectory; instead, he chose to not let his past define him. After spending a couple of hours in a Barnes and Noble one day, he became fascinated with psychology and having a growth mindset.

Failure is the building block to success

In order to succeed, you first have to fail. Many of the great success leaders prove this. Think about Edison, the Wright Brothers, Ford and many more, they had to fail – or, really, learn what didn’t work and keep on, keepin’ on! These classic leaders have proven that failure is the secret to success.

Having a growth mindset

What I love about Michael’s story is how he stepped into wanting a growth mindset. Many people have fixed mindsets and then wonder why things wont change. It’s like insanity – keep doing the same thing over and over expecting new results. Instead, change your perspective. Change your way of thinking and the things around you change.

Having a growth mindset, Michael has been able to see all challenges as opportunities. He sees obstacles as detours not road blocks. Michael also shared that he believes playing sports at a young age has helped him embrace the ability to have a champion mindset and persevere.

Three keys to success

There are three key items Michael shared that he practices on a consistent basis. Make note – he practices these on a consistent basis. Like building a muscle, it’s all about consistency, not a one time thing. His daily practice includes affirmations, visualization and having strong principles as his foundation for success.

To hear his full story and how he’s learned to embrace failure to contribute to his success, tune into today’s episode by clicking on the link below.




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