Face Your Fears

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Episode #180

Face Your Fears

Fear is an illusion – this week I’m sharing with you a recent experience in which I faced a fear of mine so it no longer has power over me. I’m currently in Maui, Hawaii for a mastermind and had a few days to myself. I wanted to go out and explore and obviously being on an island many of the activities are water based.

Say yes to your fear

I have a huge fear of snorkeling. I’ve never had good experiences because I always choke on the water which leads to hyperventilating and I’m afraid of the fish. There are also a lot of sea turtles in Hawaii and they’re HUGE. Years ago I was bitten by a turtle so I equally have a fear of them.

So, what better way to face a fear than a 2-for-1 deal – snorkeling in Turtle Town! Like I previously shared in my last post about 7 Steps to Get Out of Your Own Way the first step is to take action. I reluctantly went to a nearby Walgreens and purchased a snorkel set. Then, I found a catamaran tour and signed up. It was on like Donkey Kong.

Learning to fear less

Here’s the thing, we will never be fearless. Fear is an innate human trait and serves us for protection when in a fight or flight situation. However, we can learn to fear less by being aware of a fear, changing our perspective (thoughts and emotions) and tackling one at a time so they no longer have power over us.

Share with me – what do you fear? What can you do today to face your fear? 


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