Embracing Feminine Energy

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Episode #81

Jasmine Jonte joined me for this week’s podcast. She shares her story of the end of a breakup which lead her to a 3-week solo road trip through California.

Jasmine shares her realization: painful experiences can lead to finding your purpose if you’re open to it. She shares the beauty in masculine energy (commanding in strength) and feminine energy (captivating).

The importance in these energies is to know that it’s a constant dance between the two energies, and at your core you’re one or the other. Embracing your core energy will lead you to being authentic and purposeful.

For Jasmine, she found that stepping into femininity she was able to remove the armor she may have created by trying to be something she wasn’t. In other words, she was no longer putting on a front. I loved this quote: “I love myself to allow myself to be who I am.”


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