Embrace the Suck

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Episode #102

Embrace the suck should be a life motto. Many people run from uncertainty, growth and being uncomfortable. I on the other hand, enjoy a good challenge. My most recent challenge however, has been a bit more than I anticipated. 

First of all, I’ve had the puppy itch for a couple of years. I also know that I love my freedom to travel and be on my own schedule and never committed to a dog because of it. There are a lot of things in life I don’t think you can ever be ready for – children, being blindsided by a divorce, hitting rock bottom, or in my case, getting a puppy.

To embrace the suck means accept the challenge knowing that even hitting rock bottom is only temporary. Whether your suck is a new job, a relationship, navigating new territories, a health issue etc., mindset is everything.

Some days are better than others. When I chose to step into a space of gratitude – my perception changed and so has my reality. If you’re currently deep in the trenches, know this is your time to strengthen your mindset muscle – THIS is where the magic begins.

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