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Eat That Frog – 12 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

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Episode #261


Eat That Frog – 12 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Dr. Ellen Fitzenrider joined me to discuss how to eat that frog and her 12 ways to stop procrastinating. We all procrastinate and distract ourselves from doing the thing that we need to get done. Why? Procrastination is a form of self sabotage – keeping you free from failure or defeat. Instead, learn how to eat that frog – which means to tackle a task first thing to start your day with a win.

Eliminate distractions

Can you imagine all of the things you could accomplish with the amount of time you spend avoiding it? I’ve found the mental space I take and the time I waste avoiding, more often than not actually wastes more time than it would actually take to do the task I’m avoiding. Learn how to stop procrastinating – for good!

12 Ways to stop procrastinating – for good!

If you’re ready to stop procrastinating and take your life back – implement the following 12 steps today!

  • eat that frog – pick that ONE thing and work on it until done
  • create self discipline
  • stay focused
  • set boundaries
  • schedule it – block the time
  • make lists – ease your mind
  • prioritize tasks
  • exercise leads to processing tasks and planning
  • find accountability 
  • take action steps
  • transform mindset
  • draw line in sand – decide you will stop procrastinating for good!

In the end, in order to stop procrastinating, do something when overwhelmed rather than stay paralyzed. Take action! Most importantly, identify one thing and act upon it until it’s finished. 


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