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Don’t Settle – How to Pivot to Greatness

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Episode #285


Don’t Settle – How to Pivot to Greatness

Mandy Johnson joined me to share – Don’t Settle – How to Pivot to Greatness. Throughout the past few years, Mandy has had her own ups and downs and many changes. She quit a stable corporate job to work for a small startup and eventually went off on her own as a social media manager. The biggest lesson here – you have to take risks to let go of mediocre and reach for greatness.

Living her best life

Now based in Florida, Mandy is living her best life! She has made a dream come true of living at the beach and growing her own business. What she shares is she’s learned to pivot. Pivoting when something didn’t work out or go as planned and allow herself to be led in a new direction. 

Do the inner work

Additionally, Mandy shares the importance of doing the inner work. Through doing inner work – mainly journaling and asking herself tough questions, she built a new foundation and found her confidence. She also enjoys meditation and surrounding herself with good people she can lean on.

Take risks

Each risk Mandy has taken, although uncomfortable, has brought her to where she is today. You don’t know if you don’t try. She has followed the nudges from within. She shares that this is a process and to keep going! In order to reach greatness, you have to be willing to fail, trust your gut and keep pivoting until reach your goal. The truth, it’s never a straight line!

Finally, Mandy shared how she’s been able to manifest this dream job, new city and perfect little beach bungalow – know what you want and be specific. Remember, don’t settle for good when there’s great out there!


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