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Do This to Manifest Consciously!

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Episode #309


Do This to Manifest Consciously!

Heather Wylde Smith joined me to share her experiences in life and what to do to manifest consciously. It took her time and inner work to release her negative mindset and limiting beliefs, and now that she has, her life has changed. She’s manifested a business and clients that she’s super passionate about – and you can too!

Take back control

In order to change your current circumstances, you’re going to have to do things differently. And, it begins with you. When you become aware of your internal dialogue as well as your beliefs, you’ll find what’s holding you back – you. As you step into this awareness you take back control of your life and can start manifesting the money, business, experiences, health, relationships and more that you desire.

Change your outcomes

Heather had deep rooted beliefs around sales and marketing that kept her from the success she desired. When she did the work and changed her perspective – her outcomes changed too. Another tool that Heather uses is scripting. Simply put, she creates a scenario in her mind of how she wants something to go and rehearses it as though it’s already happened.

Turn your life around

As you begin to reflect and become aware of your blocks, you can begin to manifest consciously as well. Whether or not you are aware, you are manifesting daily. It’s up to you whether you manifest by design or by default. If you’re ready to show up and do the internal work, watch how quickly you can turn your life around!

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