Do The Thing That Scares The Hell Out Of You

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Episode #209


Do The Thing That Scares The Hell Out Of You

Gina Molinari joins me to share how it’s time to do the thing that scares the hell out of you. Many people get to the end of their life and have so much regret that they didn’t do the thing that their heart strings were tugging at. I don’t want you to die with your music still in you.

Debilitating fear

A debilitating fear that Gina has experienced is her love for opera singing but getting on stage in front of people. As she shares in our interview, it came down to not feeling good enough. She allowed her thoughts and inner critic to rule her as she didn’t want to face judgment.

Think again

Our thinking creates fear. For some, it’s so real it creates physical symptoms like shaking, sweating or a blotchiness. Gina took this as an assumption- she assumed if something was difficult it wasn’t for her. If you’ve experienced this same thought, think again! Take your power back and let fear fuel you, not rule you!

By doing the thing that scares the hell out of you it no longer has power or ability to create the debilitating fear. For you, that may be public speaking, riding a roller coaster or asking your boss for a raise. DO IT!

Go towards it

For Gina, she has become aware of these inner struggles and now goes about it in a different way. It’s about rewriting your story. If you get an invitation to do something and you’re first excited about it, and then fear sets in, go towards it! Your dreams are your choice. What will you choose?


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