Ditch Your Doubt

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Episode #204

Ditch Your Doubt

Have you ever felt unworthy or not enough? You’re not alone. It’s time to ditch your doubt and rewrite your beliefs. Your thoughts create emotions and the same thought repeated becomes your beliefs. I want to know, are your beliefs empowering or limiting you?

The lesson is in the trigger

I have a daily flip calendar from Louise Hay with an empowering affirmation. A recent one read, “I am neither too little nor too much. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. I am just fine as I am.” This hit a big nerve for me and triggered some of my past limiting beliefs.

My old stories on repeat were: “I’m too much to handle. I’m not enough.” Anytime a new relationship would come into my space, feelings of insecurity and self-doubt would ultimately lead to self sabotage. I hated the vicious cycle. Where do these kind of limiting beliefs stem from?

Change your perspective

Healing your inner child is a necessary evil if you want to pull the weeds and plant new seeds. It’s work and it can be uncomfortable. But, what’s worse? Staying stuck and believing your negative thought patterns? Or, doing the work and coming out with a new perspective and feeling alive?

You are enough

So many people get stuck seeking external validation. I’m here to tell you you ARE enough. You just have to believe it. You are capable. You are worthy. You are amazing.┬áToday is your day. Now is the time to step up into who you are and ditch your doubt.

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