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Dare to Live – Don’t Just Exist

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Episode #299


Dare to Live – Don’t Just Exist

Pischy Izady a holistic wellness coach joined me to share how to: dare to live – don’t just exist. Much of society is going through life’s motions, but we’re here to share, there is another way. Through her own broadened way of thinking and being open to new perspectives, Pischy has created a new mindset and beliefs.

Sustainable change

Through her coaching practice, Pischy teaches clients how to create sustainable life changes. It’s about doing the inner work. As she says, we live from the inside out. Happiness is a choice and an inside job. If you expect the next vacation, job promotion, money or any external experience to create an internal state of happiness, you will always be searching.

A radical new idea

As a student of Eckhart Tolle, Pischy believes in the power of the present moment. She says she radically chooses to be happy now and to surrender. Although it might be far from the norm for you, you have the power to create new way of being. 

Achieve your desires

Only you have the power to create sustainable changes in your life. In order to achieve the outcomes you desire, you have to practice and train your mind into a new way of thinking. You have to implement new routines and create better habits. We challenge you – dare to live, don’t just exist!


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