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Daily Disciplines for Sustainable Results

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Episode #301


Daily Disciplines for Sustainable Results

Claes Ronnenberg joined me to share with you daily disciplines for sustainable results. As a passionate health and fitness coach, Claes provides his clients with both the tools for health and fitness but also mindset in order to achieve their fitness goals – and keep them.

Winning habits

To begin, everything in life is a process and nothing happens overnight, especially when it comes to physical fitness. When you condition yourself with winning habits and show up every single day, you will obtain your fitness goals. The important thing to note here, any sustainable habit takes effort and consistency.

End procrastination for good

Additionally, it’s time to stop procrastinating and especially when it comes to the snooze button. Don’t set yourself up for failure for the first task of the day. When your alarm goes off, get up and get to it! As Claes suggests, set your phone away from your bed so that you have to physically get up to turn it off. Then, begin your day with movement.

Micro progression

The key to daily disciplines is about micro progression. If you show up today to be 1% better than you were yesterday, overtime that compounds into major progress. Commit to daily disciplines and realize this is a long game. By building constructive habits, you will build confidence and trust in yourself and be able to tackle larger goals.

Plan of action

Finally, with any big goal, know your end results and reverse engineer so that you have a plan of action. That way, you know what you need to do each day and be disciplined to do the work. Are you ready to commit to your own daily disciplines so you can reach your health and fitness goals?


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