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Episode #103

Dr. Rob Vasquez and Dr. Randy Johns, also known as the Happy Healthy Guys, share how they both overcame destructive health issues to creating healthy living. 

First of all, both doctors are chiropractors by trade and share that health in the body is the norm. In fact, having health issues such as cancer, food intolerances etc. are abnormal. As the saying goes, stress kills. We live in a hectic society, always on the go which can lead to poor health habits including heavy amounts of stress. The Western medicine way is to react – prescribe a pill and “cure” the apparent issue.

After traveling to Spain in 2010, Dr. Randy became completely cancer free after a short five weeks of living in a healthy environment. He was able to slow down and most importantly, find the root cause of his dis-ease. A change in mindset (beliefs and thoughts) changed his health. Dr. Rob experienced his own transformation in just 30 days without going under the knife for back problems. 

The term dis-ease is when the body is not at ease. Our body reacts to the environment it’s exposed to. Stress, among many other factors creates dis-ease in the body resulting in ailments, cancer etc.  

In addition, the Happy Healthy Guys look at the body as a whole (mind + body + spirit). The first step in healing any “disease” is to understand what got you into the current state. The next step is healing the mind. So many people think it’s an outside force, but all healing begins from within. A change in mindset = change in actions (habits). For example, when beliefs or thoughts about the body are healed, a side effect is weight loss. If you don’t heal the rooted beliefs, the weight comes back.

Not getting a result? You’re likely asking the wrong questions. The Happy Healthy Guys share the importance of building health versus treating disease. 

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