Corporate Coaching
with Heather Hakes

Bring Mindfulness Practices to the Workplace

Improve Employees Wellbeing  + Reduce Stress

I offer a variety of formats to bring mindfulness practices to your employees, teams, patients and more. For fully customizable solutions, please contact me to setup up a call to discuss your needs and vision.

Bringing mindfulness practices to the workplace will include teachings such as:

  • Individuals will learn a variety of mindset and mindfulness practices including but not limited to:
    • mental programming;
    • conscious vs. subconscious mind;
    • meditation;
    • power of awareness;
    • being intentional and mindful of thoughts/feelings;
    • self reflection;
    • implementing an attitude of gratitude;
    • staying forward focused
  • Individuals will have accountability on coaching calls and be guided into creating mental wellbeing which will transform their entire reality

Create a Happier Workplace Environment

11 Data-Backed Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs You Need to Know

  1. Employee wellness programs increase healthy behavior and curb the risk of lifestyle-related disease.
  2. Employee wellness programs increase engagement.
  3. Employees want wellness programs.
  4. Well-being increases adaptability.
  5. Specialized wellness programs provide a solid return on investment.
  6. Employee wellness programs boost productivity.
  7. Employee wellness programs could elevate company culture.
  8. Employee wellness programs could boost market valuation.
  9. Employee wellness programs could decrease depression.
  10. Employee wellness programs bring employees together and build camaraderie.
  11. Employee wellness programs focused on mindfulness + meditation reduce stress.

Invest in your employees.


“Heather has been instrumental in improving the mental health and overall mindset of my employees. She was extremely accommodating to our busy working schedules and provided a welcome respite to the normal working environment. Her ideas are having lasting impression on those that she collaborated with during her educational sessions. I look forward to seeing her refreshing take in other companies and anybody will be satisfied with establishing a partnership with her.” – Brian C., Director

“We are very excited about this!” – Laura V., Partnership Facilitator

Topics of Interest


3 Pillars to Master Your Mindset.


Setting and achieving goals.


power of winning habits.


How to Thrive Through Uncertainty and Stress Management.


How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs.


Mindfulness + Meditation Practices.

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