Consistency + Time = Results

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Episode #145


Consistency + Time = Results

Rad Palivan joined me for this week’s topic: Consistency + Time = Results. As a high performance and results coach, he knows a thing or two about achieving end goals.

In order to truly achieve results, you need to be consistent and you need to know that it takes time. The length of time will depend on you and the result you want.

The simple equation

The good news, it’s not a complex equation, it’s rather simple actually. In order to achieve your end goal that you desire, you only need these two things: consistency and time.

We’re in an age where we want instant gratification. Whether it’s to lose weight overnight, climb the corporate ladder in a week, meet a significant other – yesterday, we want it all and we want it NOW. The thing is, that’s not how it works.

It’s about daily action

Rad shares that small incremental changes add up to big results. For example, in the gym most people think you need to do 15-20 reps or more and up the ante to see results. Rad shares that even adding just one extra rep per workout, each week will add significant results in just one year. 

For many, the thought of failure is too scary to even try. Therefore, they’ll never see results. A huge part in actually obtaining any goal is to know your WHY. Without a strong enough why, excuses creep in and win.

What’s your why?

Working with clients that’s one major question Rad asks, “What’s your Why?”. He goes deep – 5 layers deep to be exact. By asking why do you want something multiple times it helps drill down your real why. That’s where you get motivation. That’s where you gain momentum. 

With anything, you will hit a wall or plateau. The question is, will you quit and throw in the towel or will you simply take a rest and keep going? By having a strong why, you can be prepared for the ups and downs and they will simply be part of the journey rather than a road block. 


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