Closing Out 2018

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When one door closes, another opens…

Is it just me, or does time fly by faster each year?! 2018 was quite the adventure. I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to reflect on the past year and I begin each new year with a theme. For me, 2018 was my year of bucket list adventures. 

Life is about adventure. Trying new things. Seeing new places. Constantly challenging yourself by getting out of your comfort zone. And, meeting new people. 2018 had all of that and more. My travels started out with a solo trip to Cozumel where I climbed an ancient ruin, went Jeepin’ and tasted several local tequilas. I continued on my spring travels in the Dominican Republic. That water is SO blue! I rode in my first helicopter and made friends on the beach with a monkey and a parrot. 

I spent my 33rd birthday popping champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower and continued on my five-week Euro Trip – I crossed off Amsterdam, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. It was a whirlwind trek and I walked over 200 miles. Those shoes really were made for walking!

For more than eight years I’ve dreamed of living in SoCal, and this year it became a reality. I had the opportunity to teach standup paddle board yoga – the real reason I obtained my yoga certification. Although this dream took eight years to manifest, everything fell into place effortlessly. I enjoyed  being a total beach bum, practicing yoga and read multiple books. I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of summer job a high school or college student has, but, hey, YOLO. I even went skydiving because, why wouldn’t you throw yourself out of a plane?!

I wrapped up my bucket list travels in Costa Rica for a yoga retreat and ventured through the jungle on zip lines and even went bungee jumping. Last stop – down under to Australia! My goal: find a kangaroo in the wild. Challenge accepted.

I share all of this with you for one reason – whatever you think about, you bring about. These travels had been mapped out on my world vision map for years. I have found that writing your desires down (or, in this case, mapping it out) leads to one thing – manifestation. 

Whatever your desires may be – a material object such as a car or house, a dream job, travels, a relationship or making it rain on the $$ front, it’s all possible. For real. As you close out 2018, sit in gratitude. Reflect back on these last 365 days – what did you accomplish? What is still left you want to have, experience, or do? Make it your reality in 2019. And, I suggest writing it out. Remember this, you don’t have to know the HOW, you just need to be clear on what it is you DO want. And then, only focus on that. 

Cheers to a fresh start and a whole new 365 days of magic to unfold. 

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