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Clear Your Negative and Blocked Energy

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Episode #313


Clear Your Negative and Blocked Energy

Laura Mazzotta joined me to share how you can clear your negative and blocked energy. If you’re currently sitting in a space and not happy – wanting more money, better health, relationships, job etc. it’s time to clear your energy and blocks! In order to do this, you have to do inner work and understand your patterns and behaviors.

Write a new story

During our interview, Laura shared that you have to heal it, clear it, shift it and then write a new story. Although this seems tedious – would you rather continue down the path you currently feel stuck on? When you take the time to heal your inner child and do this work, you can experience massive shifts in your life.

Akashic records

We also discussed Laura’s work and healing through the Akashic records. These records provide you with understanding of your past so that you can heal. It’s important to raise your vibration which will keep you healthy – mentally and physically. Live from a space of curiosity and have compassion and love for your self.

Create stillness

A great approach to do this work is to get to know yourself in stillness. Whether it’s journaling or meditation, create quiet space for you to connect. This is where you can ask yourself questions and as Laura shares, clearing blocks through a dyad. When you take the time and create this space, you allow the opportunity to clear your negative and blocked energy so that you live the life you dream about.


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