Chasing the High

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Episode #151


Chasing the High

Michael Dash joined me this week to share his story of chasing the high. This is a relatable subject as everyone has experienced an addiction of some sort. Whether you’ve been addicted to shopping, gambling, sex, drugs, or social media “likes”, you understand chasing the high.

Life isn’t about struggle

Michael chased the high for decades. From his compulsive gambling addiction to a cocaine addiction to an adderall addiction and even an achiever’s addiction when it came to sales in business, he chased all of the highs.

It wasn’t until he took a leap of faith and asked himself a question, “Would it be so bad to live a different way?” After a trip to Bali he invested in an 8-week online course where he learned about flow consciousness. Life isn’t about struggle. It’s not about the hustle and grind either.

Change can happen immediately

You don’t have to hit rock bottom or wait until your life is spiraling out of control. Michael’s desperation and misery lead him to saying yes. The key in making change is a decision. Change can happen immediately.

The power of curiosity 

Life today looks a lot different for Michael and he plans to impact millions of others. The change started with him. Now that he’s sober, he wakes up clear headed, goes for a run, listens to inspiring audio and believes in manifestation.

There’s power in curiosity. Are you ready?


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