Change Your Mindset – Change Your Life

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Episode #160

Change Your Mindset – Change Your Life

Mindset is everything which leads me to this week’s discussion: change your mindset – change your life. Many people think that what’s happening in their life is not in their control. I’m here to tell you the truth – you are 100% responsible for your current reality. Don’t like it? Change it!

Firstly, I came across a meme recently that stated: Monday doesn’t suck. The weather doesn’t suck. Your job doesn’t suck. Your partner doesn’t suck. Your negative mindset sucks. Your lack of self-worth and self-love sucks. Stop complaining about what’s missing from your life and go manifest the fucks out of your dreams.

How many people do you know that dread Monday’s and cheer on Friday’s week in and week out? Maybe that’s even you. Speaking from personal experience, that’s a shitty way of living. If this is the mindset you or someone you know is living it IS possible to change.

Start small

Most importantly, the first step is to find gratitude – in everything. Especially when you are deep in negativity. Find just one thing to be grateful for. Maybe it’s a paycheck to pay your bills or the friendships you’ve made with coworkers.

On the other hand, gratitude could be finding the positive angle on a rainy day – it’s the perfect opportunity to read that book you’ve been dying to start or better yet – dance in the rain!

Change your focus

In addition, your mindset or thoughts are what create your emotions and reality. What you focus on expands. If you’re focusing on how shitty life is, well, you’re just going to get more of that. If instead, you’re focusing on gratitude or you get motivated to make a change, you’ll find more good things to focus on.

On a final note, from personal experience, I know what changing my mindset has done for me. Are you ready to make a change?


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