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Change These Words to Change Your Mind

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Episode #291


Change These Words to Change Your Mind

Dr. Jane Tornatore joined me to share with you how to change these words to change your mind. A self proclaimed brain geek and self love expert, Dr. Jane is passionate about self compassion and self love. I think it’s something we all could use a little more of. And we’re talking in terms of self talk, emotions and creating a life you love – not just manicures, flowers and massages.

High stress state

Society at large has been functioning due to past conditioning. This has evolved into living in a high stress state where we’re always analyzing, thinking and living in fear. In other words, we’re living in an ego state. We’re running on programs that keep us limited. The good news, there’s another way.


There is more than one way to quiet the mind chatter and the easiest one available to all of us is through meditation. When you can create space for you to connect within and quiet all of the stimulus, great change can occur. Dr. Jane shares that your brain is most happy in an alpha state rather than beta and high beta that we’ve been conditioned to function in.

Becoming self aware

It’s easy to get caught in the judgment and comparison trap and ultimately send yourself down a negative spiral. Your brain (ego) is setup for that. Instead, when you become self aware you can catch these drifts and come back to neutral – wholeness, unlimited as you are. Changing your mind to change your life is a process, but if it means peace, joy, and feeling empowered, would you do the work?


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