Change the Trajectory of Your Life

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Episode #314

Change the Trajectory of Your Life

Today I’m sharing with you one phrase you can implement now to change the trajectory of your life. Your current paradigm (beliefs, patterns, habits and more) is what’s running your life. If you want change – you have to change your paradigms. Mainstream teaches to work harder – this is about working smarter.

Make a choice

Firstly, you have to make a choice that you want change – and then you have to be intentional daily in order to change the trajectory of your life. When you make a decisive choice and stick to it, watch out! I have learned from experience when you get out of the drivers seat – when you let go of the need to control, life runs a lot more smoothly and with ease.

Simple phrase to change your life

So, how do you make change? It’s actually rather simple. A phrase I’ve started using myself that is changing the way I live and my experiences is “Show me the way”. This simple phrase is about surrendering the how and letting the Universe take back control. It’s realizing that you don’t have to do this on your own.

Inspired action

When you start expressing “Show me the way” you are trusting and showing your faith. This is when inspired action will be given to you. You no longer have to make things happen. Instead, you are allowing life to flow and you will inevitably change the trajectory of your life.


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