Bust Through Your Blocks

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Episode #284

Bust Through Your Blocks

Are you ready to bust through your blocks?! There’s something you want – more money, experiences, things, relationships but you seem to have a block and unable to manifest your desire. The result – nothing. If you’re ready to bust through your mental blocks and let go of resistance, I can show you how to let everything you desire in.

Open the door

Picture this – a room with four walls and a door. You’re inside of that room. Rather than opening door – where all of your desires are waiting for you, you’re busy pushing against the door or leaning with your back to it keeping it shut. How you may ask? When you focus on lack, fear, worry and limiting beliefs, you literally hold the door shut.

In order to get from where you are – inside the room, to being able to open the door is a process. You have to become aware of your negative thoughts and beliefs and shift your focus from what is to focusing on what you actually want. This is about being intentional and observing so you can choose your thoughts wisely.

Possibility is endless

Other ways to open the door to possibility is through meditation and visualization. When you can quiet the internal chaos and sit in silence, you allow guidance to steer you. There is power in visualization – your body doesn’t know the difference between reality and virtual reality. Either way, you’ll experience what you think about and back with emotion.

Your new reality

If you’re ready to level up and let go of your patterns, this is where to start. You can bust through your blocks! You can get to the other side. And, the best time to start is now!


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Bust Through Your Blocks


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