Build Better Habits

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Episode #300

Build Better Habits

Consistency is key to obtaining results in life and today I’m sharing with you how to build better habits. Whether you have health goals, financial goals, relationship, career or bucket list adventures, consistency is key to reaching your goals. This is about being 1% better than you were yesterday and doing whatever you can today, to get closer to your goal.

Morning routine

To begin, a morning routine is a great place to start and something I went into further detail in this post. When you create routine and consistency in your life, you get better results. When I don’t do my morning, I feel off, scattered, low focus and lose momentum. 

Power of consistency

Instead, I choose to show up every day because I’ve learned the power of consistency. I know the results I get when I do the work and I’ve committed to being a conscious creator. Will you?

Conscious effort

In summary, creating consistency in your life is about overcoming yourself. It’s about making a conscious effort to show up for yourself and make progress towards your goals. This is how you build better habits and ultimately design a life you love!


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Build Better Habits


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