Breaking Free From Excessive Consumerism

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Episode #163


Breaking Free From Excessive Consumerism

Meghan Swim joins me this week to share her story on breaking free from excessive consumerism. Through her years of personal development and self reflection, Meghan had all of the things, yet didn’t feel satisfied. It wasn’t until she made a lifestyle change and started investing in herself did her experiences shift.

Choosing to be more mindful

From a former consumer addict, as many of us are, Meghan now finds ease and joy living out of two suitcases and enjoying making memories, over collecting things. She has chosen to be more mindful with her spending and do things that bring her joy rather than buy, buy, buy.

Chasing the material high

Consumerism today has Americans addicted to materials goods. It’s an addiction to find happiness in the next thing. Ultimately, it’s fleeting happiness. The truth is, happiness isn’t found outside of you – it’s an inside job. When you’re less distracted by external factors such as clutter, you’re more inclined to tap into mindfulness and connect to a true source of happiness. 

Defining your own joy

In summary, I’m not suggesting minimalism here – that’s something I could never do. This topic of discussion is more about quality over quantity and deciding what brings YOU joy. It’s about quieting the noise of constant stimulation and the urge to fill a void with a material good.


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