Break Your Addiction to Negative Thinking

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Episode #312

Break Your Addiction to Negative Thinking

It’s time to break your addiction to negative thinking! We are all currently living by past mental programming – our experiences, memories and thoughts create our reality. If you find yourself in a negative rut and ready for change, this is for you! Breaking addictions are about being intentional, and choosing again.

Stop manic manifesting

First of all, when you live in a state of manic manifesting – trying to make things happen through action, hustle and grind, you’re doing it the hard way. This isn’t sustainable and leads to burnout at the very least. Instead, if you live from a space of knowing that everything always works out for you, you can save yourself a lot of stress, worry and anxiety.

Ask a new question

When I started incorporating the phrase “What if it all works out in my favor?” my life began to change. Anytime I find myself in an obstacle or challenge, I choose to surrender and step into a space of knowing I’m being redirected or slowed down for a reason. Whether it’s house shopping, job hunting, relationships or business ventures, trust that you are always being guided.

Trust the detour

Finally, when you choose to embrace that all obstacles and challenges are actually just detours to put you on the right path, you can stop the negative thinking. The next time you find yourself in a moment of stress, ask yourself this, “What if it all works out in my favor?”. 


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