Break the Mold

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Episode #157


Break the Mold

Shawn McBride joins me this week to discuss how to break the mold. What I love about Shawn’s approach is that he walks the talk – not only has he stepped into his authenticity and is proud to stand out, he believes you should too.

Stop living by default

So much of society has gotten caught up in living life by default. Following a preprinted plan created by someone else. The message for you – live life by your design. Be authentic and question societal norms. 

Define your values

You can begin by defining your core values. What is important to you? What lights you up? Follow those nudges rather than going through the motions and living for the weekends.

Shawn’s uniqueness is wearing fun printed jackets – they’ve become a conversation starter for him. It feels natural to him which helps him to tap into his authenticity and not pretend to be someone he’s not. 

Set yourself free

By breaking the mold, you are free to follow your direction. As they say, YOLO (you only live once) so be the best YOU. We need more authentic leaders instead of more sheep. When you follow your intuitive nudges, I can promise you this – the life you dream about becomes your reality.


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