Blindsided to Blessed: Welcome to the Second Act

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Episode #135


Blindsided to Blessed: Welcome to the Second Act

Frank Clark, a.k.a. Mr. Orange joined me this week to share how he went from blindsided to blessed and created his second act. There’s two things in life that are absolutely guaranteed – death and disappointment. How you deal with tragedy is totally up to you.

Blindsided and devastated

After returning from Date With Destiny (a Tony Robbins full immersion life changing event), Frank was stoked to go home and implement what he had learned, especially in his marriage. To his surprise, shortly after returning his relationship turned to divorce and he was devastated.

Frank shared with me a very powerful statement “You create, promote and allow everything that happens in your life”. What I loved about this is how he embraced what was happening, although unplanned, and turned it into a huge blessing. He found the silver lining.

Grieving, it’s a process

The grieving process wasn’t easy but it was necessary to move on.  A key point Frank shared was that all events in life only have the meaning you attach to it. Will you play victim or victor? 

When the grieving process was over Frank turned to gratitude and chose to find peace in order for him to begin his new chapter. For many people, their identity is wrapped up in a relationship or being a parent and like parents who become empty nesters, getting divorced in his late 50’s, Frank had to create a new identity. 

If in hell, keep going

Rather than play victim and have a pity party because life didn’t go as planned, he found opportunity. He found the blessing. Just like you, Frank has survived 100% of his worst days. He states that your focus and attitude are choices you get to make each day.

Go out with no regrets

Frank has turned this devastation into a declaration – it’s his second act. He has nothing but zest for life. He even said, “Hell on earth is to meet the person you COULD have been”. Wherever you’re at in life, embrace the suck. Each day is a fresh start. Don’t wait until the end, become the person you wish to be NOW.


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