Best Relationship Advice Ever

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Episode #318

Best Relationship Advice Ever

Let’s talk – LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS and TRIGGERS in today’s post and learn the best relationship advice ever! But first, know this – No one is sent to anyone by accident. Relationships, especially romantic relationships can be such a trigger. Or, such a gift. It depends what perspective you choose. 

Haste Makes Waste

The last two men that I have dated dropped the love bomb quickly and wanted to put a ring on it. At the time it felt surreal like maybe “when you know, you know” really is a thing? And then, both faded almost as quickly as they started. It feels defeating in the moment but I remind myself: “It’s this or something even better.”

Trust your gut

I always trust my gut and when something doesn’t FEEL right, trust it. It’s easy to get swept up in lust and to romanticize the idea of something. There’s a difference between special relationships which are conditional and which you rely on someone else to “complete you” thanks Jerry Maguire, and a holy relationship which is trusting and having faith in God as your center and holding truth of who you are for each other.

Fear in relationships

We project onto our partner their “faults” which ultimately are our own dislikes about ourself. People are mirrors for us to see more clearly what we think of ourself. These special relationships go from  in love to disconnection because they’re based in fear. This ultimately leads to conflict, pain and loss. Think: score keeping, need to be right, distrust, lust, jealousy etc. No wonder divorce rate is over 50%.

Find the gratitude

OR, you can enter into a holy relationship where you share: transparency, shared grace and gratitude, self accountability, defenselessness, unconditional love, genuine humility etc. Every encounter is a gift and I’m grateful for the experiences and reminders of truth. Both of these relationships were through the means of dating apps – trying to make something happen. Or as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, just looking at body parts.
Instead, live in excited anticipation of how you might meet someone. Let the perfect person for you be shown to you.
This time I’m taking my own advice. Cheers to the best relationship advice ever and living in union together!

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