Benefits of Trying New Things

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Episode #104

There are so many benefits to trying new things. You open yourself to new experiences, stimulate your creativity, overcome fears and most importantly, you get to know yourself better. I just returned from a weekend getaway in Nashville for a bachelorette party, and although I’ve been to Nashville before, this trip was a whole new experience. 

First of all, let me emphasize, I’m not a fan of country music – this is the draw for most people visiting Nashville. I do however, embrace the “when in Rome” mentality. When we let go of our judgments and open up to new possibilities, we open to doors to unlimited potential. I witnessed one of the girls totally bust out of her comfort zone by singing karaoke. I think singing in front of a crowd is much scarier than public speaking!

The second morning a group of us attended a pole dancing class. Pole dancing for some women unleashes their inner sex kitten. You have to let go of insecurities or think you can’t be sexy and just flow with it. Who knew stretching as a warm up could be sexy?!

Being in Nashville, I of course had to stop by Boot Barn. As a shoe fanatic, I wanted to see if I could embrace the cowgirl boot phenomenon. The store literally had boots from floor to ceiling and I was in heaven. I tried on dozens of boots and finally found THE boots for me. I was so excited to rock my new boots and go out on the town.

Our final evening we went to Suzy Wong’s House of Yum which is an asian restaurant with drag queen entertainment. This was definitely a first for me. It’s pretty fun to watch males totally embrace the feminine – and ROCK it! 

Nashville – we came, we saw, we conquered. 

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