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Belief In Yourself Is Key to Everything

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Episode #293


Belief In Yourself Is Key to Everything

Kimberly Mylls joined me for a discussion on why belief in yourself is key to everything. Kim started a new venture Recreate which is all about creating a better life and living a life of fulfillment. Coming from a background working corporate and simply feeling unfulfilled, Kim chose a different path.

Go after your dreams

We have all been given a gift – life – and what we do with it and create is up to us. Choose to be unapologetic in going after your dreams. Kim has manifested some big things in her life including her husband and multiple business ventures. She says the key to all of this is having a clear vision and taking baby steps every day towards it.

Create belief

More importantly than taking action, is creating belief. Without belief or what I like to call excited anticipation, you’ll likely keep playing small. This also goes hand in hand with being open to the how. Don’t pigeon hole yourself into thinking there’s only one way in which you could reach your end goal.

Find mentors

Additionally, Kim attributes her success to surrounding herself with like minded people whom she could ask for help and be supported. You’re going to want others cheering you on for the times you aren’t feeling it or fall back to the doubt trap!

Reframe your thoughts

Finally, anytime you find yourself thinking or feeling fearful or anxious, choose to reframe it. Whether you’re experiencing fear or excitement – your body has the same response. Increased heart rate, sweaty palms, potentially tightness in your chest. Remember, this is all a head game! Catch yourself and reframe so you spend more time believing, and less time doubting.


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