Become Who You Were Meant to Be

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Episode #170

Become Who You Were Meant to Be

I just returned home from the Summit of Greatness – Lewis Howes’ annual event. My biggest takeaway – become who you were meant to be. What I love most about attending personal development conferences like this is that you are surrounded by like minded individuals. There’s such a sense of community, love, compassion and a deep desire to serve.

Get out of your own way

Going into the event I wasn’t familiar with any of the speakers so I was unsure what I would get of that event. In summary, I was blown away, moved, brought to tears and many a-ha moments. I fell in love with many of them.

From Ed Mylett, to Kyle Cease, Stephan Speaks, Marisa Peer and more, each of these speakers were so authentic. They shared their own life experiences and breakthroughs. They reminded us that I am enough. I am loved. I am here for purpose and to be great. And, so are you.

Let go of your story

We tend to complicate life. We’re wrapped up in our old stories that aren’t serving us. We’ve lost sight of who we really are by staying busy and distracting ourself from our inner voice.

Have a sense of urgency

There were so many key takeaways and I go in further depth in episode #170. Mainly, to be present in the now. To live life with a sense of urgency – stop delaying. And, finally, to step into the person you’re meant to be.


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