Be Willing to Eat a Shit Sandwich

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Episode #164

Be Willing to Eat a Shit Sandwich

If you want to experience growth you have to be willing to eat a shit sandwich! Most people are afraid of falling, instead, be afraid of not trying. This is a motto I’ve decided to embrace. Rather than stay in my comfort zone, I’m always looking for experiences and adventures to try new things.

Redefine what’s possible

After watching Iron Cowboy on Netflix, which is a documentary about James Lawrence redefining what’s possible, I became inspired. In this documentary, he completed 5o full Iron Man’s in 50 days in all 50 states. That’s incredible to say the least. After watching, I decided I wanted to compete in my first Half Iron Man to find out what I’m really capable of.

Take the first step

The first step was my purchase of a road bike. This time, a legit one. I competed in my first triathlon using my hybrid – part road bike, part mountain bike. In order to really compete, I needed the right bike to go fast. Then, it was time to invest in cycling shoes which clip into pedals. This is where the shit sandwich comes in.

I’ve done indoor cycling classes at SoulCycle and I have difficulties getting my shoes out of those clips – and that bike is stationary. So, to be able to do this while moving would be a whole new endeavor. To add to it, I’ve heard horror stories from friends who couldn’t get unclipped and ate shit at a 4-way stop with cars at every corner. 

Be willing

That’s the thing, in order to try new things you have to be willing to fall rather than scared to try. I was willing to fall – and I did. I simply learned there must be another way. 

Achievers mindset

There’s a different mindset in achievers and those living by default. We’re not afraid to fall, or in this case, eat shit. Challenges are always accepted and we like to see what we’re really made of. 

Are you willing to eat a shit sandwich to uplevel and conquer your own limitations? 


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