Be The Change

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Episode #242

Be The Change

Mahatma Gandhi said it best – be the change you wish to see in the world. There is so much hatred, violence and vandalism right now. It’s a cry for help and as Marianne Williamson says, it’s a call to love. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to step into and be the change.

Be pro whatever you oppose

The first step in being the change is to stop adding fuel to the fire. By being anti-war, or anti-racist or anti anything, you actually provide more energy and power to the very thing you don’t want. Instead, be pro the opposing force. In the current times, be pro equality. Be pro love and kindness to all human beings.

Be a leader

Many major cities including where I live in Denver, Colorado have fallen to extreme protests including vandalism, fires, graffiti and violence against civilians and cops. This is not the answer. For all protesting for justice for individuals like George Floyd, you have to come from peace. We have to show up as a leader and example of how to treat human beings, not by promoting more violence.

When you choose to break the mirror just like the individual in the photo below, you can stop the negative momentum of hate and injustice and begin shedding light in a new way. That’s ultimately what we’re all seeking – peace, harmony and justice for all.

Be the light

I hope you’ll choose to be the light. To break the mirror on hate and violence and show yourself, community and neighbors there is another way. With love and kindness, this really would be heaven on earth. Step up and be the light.


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