Ayahuasca: A Trip Like No Other

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Episode #214

Ayahuasca: A Trip Like No Other

I just returned from an ayahuasca retreat. The retreat took place in rural Colorado totally immersed in nature. There were about 30 participants and a team of 11 from Origen Sagrada hosting the retreat. I had only done a little research going into it because I wanted to be totally open to my experience. Let’s just say, ayahuasca for me, was a trip like no other. 

Ancient tradition

What is ayahuasca? It’s an ancient tradition in which the brew is used as a traditional spiritual medicine in ceremonies among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin. Ayahuasca is ingested by drinking a brew and can take up to an hour to feel the effects. Each person will have their own experience. I will share mine.

Lucid dreaming

What I knew for sure is that I’d be drinking some liquid, would experience purging (into a bucket or on a toilet) and other than that, I really had no idea. There were reports it could be a wild ride, experiencing other dimensions, emotions escalated and possible feelings of hallucination. To be frank, all of the above was true for me.

Suffering is self-imposed

My biggest takeaway from this experience is that all suffering is self-imposed. We create our reality. The moment you choose to surrender, ask for help and allow, is the moment you can experience true bliss. Everything you’re seeking outside of you – can only be found within. 

An awakening

The collective consciousness of humanity is changing. I believe more and more are beginning to wake up to the insanity we’ve created. The suffering, competition, anger, wars, violence and more can all be released. You may want to experience your own wild ride by attending an ayahuasca retreat. Until then, tune into Episode #214 for my full recap!

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