Authenticity Wins

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Episode #167


Authenticity Wins

This week Kevin Laylor joins me to share his story of overcoming his old self and realizing that authenticity wins. After a merger at his old company it came to light that he wasn’t showing up who he truly was. This event led him down a personal discovery path.

You’re not a victim

What I love about Kevin is his perspective. He didn’t see the merger and probability of losing his job as being a victim – instead, he chose to find the opportunity in the perceived obstacle. Kevin became comfortable with uncertainty, which most people find difficult.

Through all of this, he found the silver lining. He learned how resourceful he could be and started flooding his mind with inspiring and motivating content. It’s important to surround yourself with a tribe that will cheer you on and are leveling up.

Who am I to do __________

Another important aspect of this interview – we discussed imposter syndrome. Simply put, questioning your abilities to do something. It’s important to note that children live in a state of believing that anything is possible. It’s adults that fall into fear, doubt, and limitations.

No matter what you do in this life, you’re going to be judged. There will be critics and there will be cheerleaders. Choose to step into your authenticity no matter what. Shine your light because authenticity wins!


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