Adjust Your Approach Until You Succeed

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Episode #218

Adjust Your Approach Until You Succeed

Have you ever attempted something and it didn’t go as planned? Today I am sharing with you the importance of a growth mindset and to adjust your approach until you succeed. If your plan didn’t work out – adjust your approach. If that didn’t work, adjust your approach. And, if that STILL didn’t work, keep adjusting until you reach your ideal outcome.

Rejection is simply redirection

I had a conversation recently with the front desk rep at my gym where this conversation came up. He’s a high school baseball coach and they recently went through tryouts. Not every athlete made the team. At first glance, I thought this was harsh. I mean, come on, it’s just high school. 

He had a good point – the message he shared with the kids who got cut was to spend this next season working on their skills and come back next year and try again. Remember Michael Jordan? He got cut from his high school basketball team. We all know how that ended up.

Keep going

For every setback, rejection or missed opportunity, take a step back, reassess and then, keep going. School’s may be giving out participation ribbons at field day, but that’s not reality for adults. You want something bad enough, you will keep adjusting your approach until you meet your ideal outcome.


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