Hi there! I'm Heather Hakes

Alright, here's the full scoop...

I've been into personal development since I was 15. I've always been fascinated with the teachings of psychology and science. As Dr. Joe Dispenza shares, science demystifies the mystical.

The Secret movie and book that came out in 2007 brought the Law of Attraction to mainstream. However, it's no secret at all. It's literally science. Everything in our universe is energy and what you put out, you get back.

Once I understood the basic principles of manifesting, I continued experimenting. I manifest on the reg: everything from front row parking spots, free concert tickets, money, travel, houses, my dream relationship and more.

In 2017, I took a HUGE leap of faith and followed an intuitive nudge. I waved goodbye to the corporate world knowing there had to be a better reality. I couldn't fathom dreading Monday and cheering on Friday for the rest of my life.

You know how they say the Universe has your back? Well, now I know this to be true. After quitting corporate I manifested a six-figure payout and spent the next two-and-half years traveling the world.

You Create Your Reality

After working with my own coaches, attending seminars, masterminds and online courses, I kept finding the common denominator.

YOU create your reality based on the process I share in my free training. Mind blowing, I know. So, I started implementing what I was learning instead of just consuming more information.

I’m now a recovering Type-A planner and manifesting the shit out of my dreams. I’ve learned how to create an image or desire in my mind and allow the Universe to show me the way.

I can show you how.

Mindset is Everything

Some Of My Favorite Things


I’m obsessed with the color pink – in case you hadn’t noticed.


Life wouldn’t be the same without kombucha, sunshine, music or a good book.


I prefer flip flops over socks any day.


Nature is my happy place, and I can probably beat you down a ski hill.


Sunday’s were made for football (Denver Broncos, obvi).


I know that my life’s mission is to be a lighthouse for others.

The "Professional" Bio

Heather Hakes is a Mindset Coach, speaker, and author of Take the Leap. She has been featured on numerous podcasts and published in Authority MagazineThrive GlobalVoyage Denver, and Women Who Empower and Inspire. Heather has reached tens of thousands through her international podcast, Mind Over Matter.

Heather specializes in helping others get out of their own way by awakening their infinite potential to create their ideal life. Heather is a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University and Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass. She also studies Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bob Proctor’s principles of alignment, brain and heart coherence and shifting paradigms for personal mastery. She manifested six-figures after taking the leap to quit corporate by aligning with her true passion and purpose, and is now on a mission to help others overcome their self doubt through her transformative coaching programs.

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