Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Heather Hakes

Hi! I’m Heather Hakes.

At age 30, I was living my Pinterest life. I had achieved all of the things that were supposed to make me happy. I was engaged, working my way up the corporate ladder, and knocking off bucket list destinations. I was living the American Dream. But for me, it wasn't the life I loved at all.

For years I complained that I felt like a hamster on a wheel. I was literally going through life's motions, cheering on Friday and dreading Monday. I couldn't fathom doing this another 40 years until I could retire and then live the good life. I realized I had been ignoring an intuitive nudge for far too long and I knew it was time to make some serious changes. Sound familiar?




After ending my engagement and moving in with my parents, I ultimately hit rock bottom. I had been relying on external factors to bring internal happiness.

I couldn’t see it at the time, but life truly was happening for me. Having the courage to walk away from the life I thought I wanted gave me the opportunity to reflect. I had to go within. And then I realized, every perceived setback is an opportunity for a stellar comeback.

Have you experienced your own rock bottom or living a life unfulfilled? Do you feel stuck and crave passion and purpose? Are you ready to let fear fuel you rather than rule you?

Having An Attitude Of Gratitude

The moment I chose to embrace gratitude, everything changed. I was grateful for all of my experiences and lessons learned. I was grateful for the opportunity to begin again.

Having an attitude of gratitude has helped me to realize life was happening for me, not to me.

The moment you become fearless, life becomes limitless. If you feel anxiety, stress or overwhelm, you have to embrace it, and go towards that thing so it no longer has power over you. It’s about learning to let fear fuel you, not rule you.

The magic happens outside of your comfort zone!

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