A Simple Way to Surrender In Life

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Episode #319

A Simple Way to Surrender In Life

After a question came in, I’m answering with a simple way to surrender in life. That’s one of the main questions we ask most often when it comes to something new: HOW? Surrendering is about letting go. It’s about bringing peace and ease back into your life and letting go of the struggle.

Your purpose

This particular question was about surrendering to finding purpose and trying to make things happen. I want you to know – your only purpose in this human experience is to experience joy and happiness. It’s an ego mentality that has you trapped into thinking it’s about achieving or getting or doing.

Be willing

So, how does one surrender? It’s rather quite simple – it’s about a willingness to be shown another way. When you are willing to try something new and have some humility that maybe, just maybe you don’t know everything, a new way can be shown. For me, it was about asking for help. My mantra is: Show me the way.

Infinite intelligence

Remember, you are a spiritual entity having a human experience. At your core you are infinite intelligence. It’s time to look within and connect to this source rather than continue seeking outside of you. That’s what surrender is about – letting go of the need to control. Sit back, enjoy the ride and start living in flow and ease!

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