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A Black Belt Mindset

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Episode #253


A Black Belt Mindset

Charlie Vinch, a mentor in mixed martial arts joined me to share how you can obtain a black belt mindset. Having a background in mixed martial arts has helped Charlie to gain self confidence and implement winning habits. The message he shares is that emotion is created by energy in motion.

Rigorous training

First of all, I should state that having a black belt in mixed martial arts means expertise and rigorous training at many levels. Charlie emphasizes the importance of combining a physical practice with a mental practice to master your mindset. And, when you move your body, you create high level energy.

When it comes to mindset, I love sharing the message that you, yes you, are in total control of your reality. To have a black belt mindset would mean to have expertise in your focus, discipline and habits. Charlie shares the importance of putting in the work and acting like you already own your desire.

Act as if

Additionally, he says to walk, talk, dress and act the part you want to be. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between imaginary or real. By creating a knowing with belief and certainty that your desire is already yours, it must come to fruition. That’s a black belt mindset summed up!

Face your fear

Next – let’s talk fear. That pesky four letter word gets in the way – a lot. However, fear is imaginary. Fear is to keep you comfortable so you don’t have to experience pain like failure. But, we’re not here for comfort. You’re here to experience, learn, and to not let fear hold you back.

So, how do you combat fear? You decide. You make the decision that your why, your driver is more important than a pesky thought. As Charlie shares – having a black belt mindset is about not letting anything keep you down. It’s about creating good habits, knowing how to execute and where to aim and finally, being consistent. 


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